We Stop Fraud.


Bringing Trust back to the Internet.

Verify important messages with a tiny Voice Clip

So, who can you trust?

Email scams. They’re everywhere. A mail might seem like it’s from your boss, but it’s a fraud. We let you verify important messages, making 100% sure it’s genuine and covering you against any potential scamsters.

Unique technology sends A Tiny Voice Clip

Like Shazam™ but for business, meaning it can only be from one person. Welcome back, Trust.

Simple Interface

Simple Interface

Allows you to quickly and easily send and receive verified, safe emails.

Full Control

Full Control

See where and when an email was sent, and know when and how many times your message was opened.

all devices

all devices

Biometric technology ensures that only real emails are acted upon.


Why it’s The Best

Advanced voice recognition software. Simple yet powerful interface. Take control over your internet relationships. Accurate biometric technology.



No need to download a million files. A few clicks and you’re done.


It doesn’t get safer than biometric identification. Only 1 person in the world has that voice.


Allows you to make accurate decisions and take decisive action. No fraud worries at the back of your mind.

A great service & Amazing Features

Now you can know exactly who a mail is from, where it was sent, when it was sent. If your mail was opened and how many times-and of course verify who the mail is from.

One simple App

One app across mobile and desktop gives you peace of mind

Does more. Complicates less

Other mail verification systems are so complicated, making you download secure from obscure internet sites. We keep it simple

All-new design

Anyone can use it- simple, powerful and easy to understand

Try it out

5-day free trial, because we are so sure you’re going to love it

You're covered


Accurate Information


Fully Secure


User friendly



Made to fill a Need

Built by finance professionals who were sick of always being on the look-out for e-mail scams and fraud.

Our Latest Price Plans

Pick a plan that best suits your needs



  • Receive 30 Verified Emails/month
  • All sender information available
  • Support within 24 hours


  • Unlimited Verified Emails/month
  • All  information available
  • Support within 3 hours



  • Unlimited Verified Emails/month
  • All  information available
  • Immediate support


“ I love this product! 


The key to our company’s success has been this product we love it 


“I’ve seen great increases with this product, mostly on productivity and trust I highly recommend


We’re always here for you.
We can talk you through the installation process, and answer all your questions.

Fully secure

Industry experts ensure cutting edge security.

We focus on security

So that you can focus on doing your best.

SO easy to use

Will become a natural part of your job.

You will love it

Most customers ask “how could I live without it?

All devices

Across device mobility, from desk to mobile.

We are here for you

Our support is legendary.

Amazing value

A tiny investment that saves millions.

Take control

No more assumptions or guessing.

now hiring

We’re an awesome team, and are growing fast. We’re always looking for brilliant new talent to join our us